I started reading your book and I’m glued to it.  Thank you.  It has taken me into a very personal and familiar realm.  Thank you and I look forward to finishing it.


This is a book that may cause you to think deeply … and to wonder … both of which are good to do! It raises some important questions about enduring love in a way that allows readers to ponder possibilities and experiences that they may have previously not considered or addressed. A Love to Behold will introduce you to a new kind of love story; be open and attentive to your personal response!

Ann Osborne, PhD, ThD, BSc
Life Energy Balance

Wendy, in writing so sensitively about ‘love through the ages’, offers some profound insights to her readers. Touching as she does on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues, she opens her readers up to new ideas… or to very old ideas through new approaches … to matters that touch both sides of the veil! I much admire her bravery and lack of self-concern in addressing such issues which many are drawn to examine and embrace even as we are cautioned against it!

Evelyn MacKay
Author of the newly released: Without Halos Without Wings Connecting with Angels in the Thin Places