About Wendy Stross

     Throughout her life, Wendy has had various endeavours and considers herself to be very much a student of life.  As well as being a wife, mother, and grandmother, she has been a registered nurse, has a Ph.D. in History from the University of Toronto, and has earned a Certificate in Museum Studies from the Ontario Museum Association. 

     The common thread underlying all her pursuits is Wendy’s lifelong passion for all things spiritual and unknown.  At one point in her life, Wendy was a member of a goddess circle. The goddess experience, being part of a circle of women, opened Wendy up to the possibilities of magic in the world, to the possibilities within herself.    

     Over the last few years, she has attended various spiritual workshops which further fueled her interest in subjects such as soul contracts, soul ages, reincarnation, and meditation, prayer, dreams – all means by which one is able to connect with the wisdom of Spirit, God, one’s High Self, spirit guides and angels.   And Wendy was astounded to learn that she could converse with and access the wisdom of her soul, her High Self, God, her spirit guides and angels through various means.   The understanding that one could communicate with those spirits across the veil, that across the veil relationships were real and are possible served as inspiration for A Love to Behold, her first novel.   

     So, why turn to fiction?  In the study of cultural and social history, in efforts to gain a more inclusive understanding and vision of the past, Wendy came upon a world of stories, past and present, stories we tell ourselves, the stories that shape who we are.  And she became interested in the possibilities of these stories – possibilities not just seen, but the unseen, the undocumented, the unexplored possibilities imagined but perhaps not written about. 

     Wendy has long desired to write a novel, a love story, about the immense and unconditional love shared by twin flames.  What would that kind of love and relationship look like?  How would it manifest in an ordinary life?  And what would that look like if one twin flame was still alive, but one was dead and across the veil?  A Love to Behold is the product of Wendy’s wondering – her imagining.