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Excerpt from

a love to behold

     As she turned the key in the ignition, Anne decided to stop at “the Gathering” – an annual event sponsored by a local store that specialized in spirituality.  It was around 10:30 and the church auditorium was humming with activity.  Tables of the various vendors, healers, and mediums were scattered throughout the room. 

     Jennifer, a friend, called to her, “Hey kid, what are you doing here?” 

     “Probably procrastinating!  I’ve never been to this event and was curious.”  Jennifer was an energy practitioner who did Reiki and Reflexology, and Anne asked if she had a table here. 

     Jennifer said no, that this kind of event was not conducive to the healing work she did – too busy and noisy.  “Actually, I’m just leaving.  My daughter has dance in an hour.  See you at Friday yoga?” 

     Anne nodded, waved bye and started to wander.  Everything from aromatherapy, crystals, jewelry, Christmas decorations and baking, as well as various healers offering their services were to be found in this one room.  She was thinking she should go when from the corner of her eye, she spotted a woman seated at a table; her sign read “Susan Barker, Psychic Medium – Readings – $60 for 30 minutes.”  Anne had had readings from psychics before, some good, some not so good.  She was not familiar with this one.  Anne circled the room once more, but found herself drawn back to psychic Sue.  Ms. Barker looked to be around fifty, heavy-set, and reminded Anne of a beloved great-aunt.  She was free at the moment, so Anne paid her money and sat down for a reading. 

     For the first fifteen minutes or so, the medium was pretty on track.  Anne’s grandmother had come through, saying Anne had come by her love of books from her. 

     “Was there something at the end whereby she couldn’t talk?” 

     “Yes, she had a stroke that affected her throat.  She could neither swallow nor speak at the end.” 

     The psychic said that her grandmother regretted she was unable to say some of the things she had wanted to say.  That she was very proud of Anne and of all she had accomplished while being a wife and mother.  Moments later, Sue looked above Anne’s head, her eyes widening in surprise.    

     “Your soulmate’s here, standing behind you!” 
     Stunned, Anne leaned forward to ensure she had heard correctly.  “I’m sorry.  What?”  And then, shaking her head, she said, “You must be mistaken.  I’ve been married over forty years and to my knowledge, my husband is very much alive.” 

Wendy Stross

Wendy has had various endeavours and throughout her breadth of experience, she has been a registered nurse, has a Ph.D. in History, and at one point, has been a goddess. A Love to Behold is her first novel. She lives in Guelph, Ontario, with her family.

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a love to behold

Wendy, in writing so sensitively about ‘love through the ages’, offers some profound insights to her readers. Touching as she does on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues, she opens her readers up to new ideas… or to very old ideas through new approaches … to matters that touch both sides of the veil! I much admire her bravery and lack of self-concern in addressing such issues which many are drawn to examine and embrace even as we are cautioned against it!

Evelyn MacKay
Author of the newly released: Without Halos Without Wings Connecting with Angels in the Thin Places

This is a book that may cause you to think deeply … and to wonder … both of which are good to do! It raises some important questions about enduring love in a way that allows readers to ponder possibilities and experiences that they may have previously not considered or addressed. A Love to Behold will introduce you to a new kind of love story; be open and attentive to your personal response!

Ann Osborne, PhD, ThD, BSc
Life Energy Balance

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a love to behold